Dr. Loui Bayne, whose lifelong commitment to congenital differences of the hand and upper extremity continues today with each of our doctors, founded our practice and established our ongoing relationship with CHOA-Scottish Rite Hospital. We provide the entire spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical care for congenital conditions, such as extra digits (polydactyly), conjoined digits (syndactyly), crooked digits (clinodactyly, camptodactyly), enlarged digits (macrodactyly), and underdeveloped digits/wrists/arms (radial longitudinal deficiency, cleft hand, amniotic band syndrome, symbrachydactyly).

Our doctors also treat neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy and arthrogryposis. We work closely with pediatric hand therapists and physical therapists, pediatric neurologists and physiatrists, and patient families to optimize surgical and nonsurgical care.

Most lumps or bumps in children are benign cysts or masses. Oftentimes, they resolve on their own, but some tumors can require surgery. We treat children with soft tissue tumors such as ganglion cysts, vascular malformations, neurofibromas/schwannomas, fibromas, and lipomas. We also treat bone and cartilage tumors, including enchondromas, osteochondromas, multiple hereditary exostoses (MHE), and bone cysts. We work collaboratively with other pediatric specialists at CHOA for any tumors that are cancerous or malignant. We can provide reconstructive surgical expertise, including free vascularized fibula graft and soft tissue transfer.