Wrist Pain No More

Pain in the wrist joint is an extremely common complaint, and there can be a long list of potential reasons. However prolonged pain from a previous injury or a history of rheumatoid arthritis may have made you susceptible to wrist arthritis.

Wrist arthritis is associated with several common disorders including post-traumatic arthritis (previous injury), wrist instability (injury to tendons and ligaments), and rheumatoid arthritis. Each condition is slightly different; however, they all result in the same symptoms: pain, swelling, and limited function—otherwise known as arthritis.

Both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options exist for wrist arthritis and many times are easily treated with conservative alternatives.

Altering your lifestyle to avoid certain movements or activities that may encourage pain is one of the first treatment methods for wrist arthritis, also wearing a wrist splint, also known as a support brace, can help you through normal activities with less pain. You can try applying small intervals of heat to the affected wrist to reduce pain.

To reduce inflammation in the joint, anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections are common conservative treatments for wrist arthritis. If these options do not provide relief, there are surgical procedures that could be considered.

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