How to Prevent Hand Fractures

Commonly caused by a fall, direct blow, or a sports-related injury, a hand fracture occurs when there is a break or crack in one of the hand’s 27 bones. This injury can cause significant pain, swelling, a reduced range of motion, and numbness. 

Sometimes, the cause of the broken hand is unavoidable, such as an accident or car crash; however, there are steps you can take to help decrease your chances of experiencing a hand fracture. 

One way to prevent hand fractures is to build strong bones. This can be accomplished by getting enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet as well as doing weight-bearing exercises.

Other ways to decrease your risk of a hand fracture include:

  • Avoiding wet surfaces when possible
  • Installing handrails on stairways and grab bars in bathrooms
  • Making sure your home has adequate lighting
  • Removing tripping hazards, such as rugs
  • Wearing practical shoes

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