Get the Upper Hand on Hand Injuries

Hands are extremely complex, with muscles, tissues, ligaments, and nerves that allow you to perform routine, difficult, and intricate tasks. Many hand injuries can mean significant damage to these structures, and some even cause loss in the sensation of touch.

Our hand surgeons say a common injury they treat is a laceration, or cut, from an accident involving a sharp object such as a knife, broken glass, or lawnmower. These injuries often cause nerve damage. In some cases, they are called to the hospital to reattach fingers that have been completely severed.

As specialty-trained orthopedic hand surgeons, our experts are able to offer advanced procedures for this kind of nerve damage through what’s known as microsurgery. This type of procedure involves using a microscope during surgery.

Using a microscope magnifies the finger 10 times the standard view, allowing the surgeons to sew the nerves together using sutures that are thinner than an eyelash. In some cases, nerve grafting may be required, which entails doctors using healthy nerves from the lower back of a person’s leg.

Younger patients respond best to nerve repair. The average person may not get all sensibility back, but most patients will have at least some sensation return and the ability to feel things again.

If you think you’ve sustained a hand injury or have lost some function after healing from one, our doctors at The Hand & Upper Extremity Center of Georgia can assess your symptoms and create a customized treatment plan to fit your needs. To make an appointment, please call (404) 255-0226 or request an appointment online.