My experience with Dr. Costas, Mary, and the rest of the staff here was one of the best experiences I've had with a doctor's office ever.  I was tended to by 5 or so different nurses and they were all excellent and very caring.  Dr. Costas did an amazing job on the procedure and you can hardly tell now because he did a good job of placing the incision. Overall, I loved these guys and am so grateful they worked me into their schedule when they were already over-booked.  Thanks guys!

Wes W.
Atlanta, GA

When I fell on a Saturday night and broke my right (dominant) wrist, the ER dr. tried to reduce it, but told me to call an orthopedic surgeon on Monday morning, as I probably would need surgery. I had never had a broken bone, so didn’t know any orthopedic doctors, but through a friend, I was blessed to be given Dr. Lourie’s name. When I first called the office, Brittany was sympathetic to my situation and asked me to come in within 2 hours of my call to have x-rays and see how to proceed. Though Dr. Lourie was in surgery, they emailed him my x-rays, and he took time to look at them, and I received a call asking me to come in and meet with him Tuesday morning. From that first meeting, Dr. Lourie and his staff have shown me such kindness and compassion, encouraged me, and assured me that they would take good care of me and get me well. Dr. Lourie tried to avoid surgery, but it turned out to be necessary, and he and his staff took time to answer my questions and explain things to me regarding the surgery and everything else they have had to do, giving me confidence in their medical skills and personal concern for me. Four months, 2 surgeries, and 7 casts later, I am now in a splint and having therapy with their equally wonderful therapy group, with Dr. Lourie continuing to provide follow-up care. Though my injury wasn’t life-threatening, even up to the present, it has certainly been life-changing. But without the quality of medical care I received from Dr. Lourie and his staff, it could have been permanently life-altering. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Lourie and his staff for all they have done for me and have no hesitation about recommending them to anyone in need of their particular skills and care.

B. Crenshaw

I had an appointment with Dr. Gillespie today. I can honestly say I was absolutely amazed with the level of care I received from each and every person on his team. The professionalism, expertise and compassion was quite refreshing. And that was displayed by everyone. I am so glad when I searched for the best Atlanta had to offer Bing and Google led me to the Hand Center. And I am so grateful. Dr. Gillespie and crew are my HEROS. I am an RN and I am a believer in recognizing exceptional care.
I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Glenda S.
Dr. Peljovich,
Hello, it's Marie again! I am officially over four months out of surgery and I am doing absolutely phenomenal! I am 100% back to all my skills in gymnastics and I couldn't be happier! My coaches are thrilled to have me out of pain and they even say some of my skills are even better than before (probably because I am out of pain), but all thanks to you. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have done for me and allowing me to get through the surgery with ease. I have now had no pain in my elbow/hand for a few weeks now and I am thrilled. So thank you again and I hope all is well for you and everyone else at the Hand Center of Georgia!
Marie Priest

We just have to thank the awesome care we have received at your practice by Dr. Lourie and his staff. The personal care and attention is incredible and we will recommend the practice to anyone. From calling the front desk and speaking with Somulra and Connie Sue, with their professional and upbeat personalities, to dealing with Allie. She is amazing!!! So timely and personal. During my husband's surgery, it was taking longer than I thought and who walked through the front door, but Allie. She found out right away what was going on and she has been an angel from start to finish. She is amazing and seems to be 10 places at once. I hope Dr. Lourie compensates her highly...because people like her are hard to come by. Speaking of people that are hard to come by one of our favorites is Sean. He was a two fold...getting the cast on and getting the cast off. Craig and I are also thinking that Sean is missing his calling in the art arena as he did a masterful job in December with a display of coloring with green and red!!!! Again an asset to the practice and deserves a bonus!!!! And now to another one of our favorite....Brittany. What can I say but AMAZING? We were so impressed when we met her in the office with Dr. Lourie. Enough said. After my husband's surgery, I had answers within very relative time frames. I had access to her. Brittany is a REAL person. She cares, she's there, she showed up in physical therapy to see how my husband was doing ....I can't make this up. Brittany is the real deal. She even gave me access to her on a weekend...that is unheard of. Simply incredible!! In this day and age you can't put a price tag on customer service and this group has the book in the bag. Oh, by the way, we absolutely love Dr. Lourie....didn't think we would forget him did you??? The best bedside manner ever. The man is the easiest to talk to as well. As I said earlier,we will recommend this practice to anyone. Not only because of the incredible medical professional that Dr. Lourie is, but because of the aforementioned staff he employs.

Again, many thanks to the entire practice!!

Laurie M.

Dr. Lourie,

My wife Debbie and I want to convey a sincere thank you for your care and professionalism following both of my carpal tunnel surgeries performed over the past several months. I could not be more pleased with the outcomes; having full use of both my hands and being able to actually sleep at night has restored my quality of life.

We also want to recognize and complement your entire staff. They have all been extremely professional and supportive every step of the way. This includes in the office Brittany, Ashley, Allie, Connie, and everyone at the reception desk, the surgical team of Cindy, Vickie, Trey, Elizabeth Ann, and Leslie, and Elisa handling the physical therapy follow ups.

All of you are the best...thank you, thank you and thank you!

Frank M.

My son was born with webbing of his middle, ring, and pinky finger on both hands. My childhood pediatrician recommended I contact Dr. Ratner for a consultation regarding surgery to correct the webbing. As a first time mom, I can't begin to explain how nervous I felt about having my 10 month old baby having what I consider to be a major surgery at such a young age. The doctor's and nursing staff at the Hand and Upper Extremity Center were phenomenal!! Not only did they help to keep this nervous wreck mommy at ease, but the work Dr. Ratner did on my son's fingers far exceeded our expectation. It's been almost a year since his first surgery and I am contacting you today to thank each and every person who was involved with his syndactyly correction, especially Dr. Ratner!!! His scarring is so minimal you barely notice and he has full movement in each of his little fingers! We are so appreciative of you all! I couldnt recommend a better specialist!

Morgan T.

Dr. ALLAN PELJOVICH is the BEST!!!! My Son Samuel had a shoulder surgery to fix his Erbs palsy injured at birth. Dr. Peljovich did a wonderful job!!! Today my son has a normal life, he plays sports, swimming, plays basketball, he is a boy full of life. It was a blessing to have Dr. Peljovich .